Saturday, 14 November 2015

When life gets in the way

I’ve not written here for five years. It feels like the longest time and no time at all. The truth is I haven’t really been able to read or write or concentrate on anything very much. I had a period of stress in my life, including a bereavement, which left me physically and mentally exhausted, and I just couldn’t face writing anymore. It turned out that I had an underlying health problem which wasn’t helping things either. 

It has taken a lot of time but I am now in a really good place with my life and the urge to write and read has now returned.I didn’t have a breakdown like Virginia did, and to the outside world I was still able to function perfectly well, but it did give me an insight into what it feels like to want to be able to do something but your body and your mind just won’t let you do it.  It makes you realise how much you take for granted when you are feeling well.

I took The Voyage Out with me on holiday, determined not only to read it (which I had managed to do before) but also to write about it. I was in the South of France and the weather was 23 degrees and sunny which meant sitting in the sunshine with a beautiful view reading was very easy indeed. Once I had finished reading it I sat outside to write about it and to my surprise words just kept pouring out. It felt so good to have thoughts again and to be able to articulate them. I’ll be posting my thoughts here soon…

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